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Sage DelValle is a creative mind blending the world of technology with reality. For years, Sage has worked alongside companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and VSCO to improve end-user experiences and promote innovative ideas. Currently, Sage is the owner of a web services company, and is pursuing his MBA from Stockton University. Sage services […]


Kathreen realized her love for scriptwriting and directing early in her life. In 2014, Kathreen produced a documentary “Media As An Art Form” which showcases how media changed her life. Kate’s passion for creating continues to be fueled as she pursues her love for filmmaking.


Kristen studied Film and Video Production at Full Sail University’s aggressive academic program and technical training. Kristen has 14 years experience in the TV and film/video industry. She worked in New York as an Associate Producer and Production Manager and Coordinator for the Muppets on Sesame Street. Kristen also worked as Production Supervisor on the feature […]