TeamWe are Artists Alike Studios, founded in 2014 by filmmaker Kristen Dirato. Our team of artists seeks to make a difference in the world through the art of storytelling. With talents ranging from directing, screenwriting and editing, to songwriting and acting, we are positioning ourselves to impact the film community. Our mission, to create positive and powerful messages through our art, is what drives us.

This distinct vision was first formed by producer Kristen Dirato after her time spent working with high school film students. Recognizing the potential, Dirato set out to assemble her team. Sourcing her talent from past students, Artists Alike Studios captures the unique energy of youth and family. Using this advantage, our team aims to establish a lasting foothold in the world of film.

We offer a broad range of top quality services including the development and production of independent films, promotional and corporate videos,original songwriting, graphic design, events, weddings, photography and so much more.