Submissions due Wednesday, January 9, 2019.
Students required to fill out an entry form AFTER you have exported your final video and given to your teacher to submit.

Teachers please check your email on how to submit your students' work to the festival. Email with any questions.

All High School students in the state of New Jersey are encouraged to participate!

Comedy (2.5 min), Commercial (:90), Drama (3.5 min),
Documentary (3.0 min), Movie Trailer (:90 sec), Narrative (3.5 min),
PSA (2.0 min), Suspense/Thriller (3.5 min), Experimental (2.5 min)

** Each video MUST have a 0:05 slate at the beginning with
Title of Film, Category, Student Name***

** Credits are required for all videos. **
** An additional 0:15 seconds can be added to the end strictly for credits only **